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Ongoing Performance Evaluations

In an ongoing effort to maintain the highest level of care and excellence, we ask our clients and community colleagues to rate us! It’s an intense process on our end but this way we can always feel confident that we are exceeding expectations!

Clients rate us on a scale of 1 to 7 where 1 = poor, 3 = OK, 5 = great and 7 = outstanding. Here are the areas where we strive to be outstanding:

  • Was passionate about her work and clients; showed a personal commitment to quality
  • Was thorough; answered questions well; was a valuable source of up-to-date knowledge
  • Made therapy meaningful, relevant and interesting
  • Was open to feedback and adjusted approach as needed
  • Was friendly, made you feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Really listened
  • Explained things in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Made you feel valued and important; was genuinely interested in your well-being
  • Was enthusiastic, encouraging and uplifting; brought a smile to the room
  • Kept you involved in the process and informed of progress
  • Addressed any concerns quickly and openly; apologized for and corrected any mistakes
  • Was available in a timely manner; respected deadlines
  • Was trustworthy and acted in your best interests
  • Earned your respect and confidence, did not presume it

We used to post comments here that our clients wrote when sending in their surveys. However, the regulatory College that licenses us in Ontario ( now prohibits us from posting these comments. It’s too bad because our clients have said some incredible things about the services received at Lear over the years! If you would like to hear from a client who has come to Lear, please contact us at or 877-388-3819.