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Excellence, Compassion and Accountability since 2000!

Servicing Haldimand- Norfolk, Brant County, Greater Hamilton Area, Niagara Region & Halton- Peel

We love to talk about anything speech and language related so please feel free to call us, free of charge to discuss matters related to communication impairments and supports available to you!

“If, through some inscrutable act of providence, I were to lose all my faculties save one, I would choose to retain the gift of speech, for through it I would soon regain all the rest.” – Daniel Webster

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

“For years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk.” – Pink Floyd

How many times today did you need to speak or listen to somebody? How many times did you need to read or write? If you decided to tally up all of these occurrences, you would soon discover that in almost every minute of your work, school or leisure activities you need to use communication when:

  • performing job-related tasks (e.g., following directions from a supervisor, filling out forms, reading procedural manuals, speaking with colleagues, etc.)
  • completing school work (e.g., reading and analyzing a novel, writing an essay, taking notes in class, writing a test, reading a textbook, doing an oral presentation, etc.)
  • interacting with family and friends (e.g., retelling events of the day, understanding humour and sarcasm, composing an email, following a television show, participating in a group discussion, etc.)

Lear Communication’s speech-language pathologists empower clients to connect with others. The loss of everyday communication skills means frustration, misunderstanding and conflict. Lear uses a customized program of proven strategies to guide each client toward maximizing his or her personal potential.

Everyone at Lear Communication supports our three primary values:

We are leaders in our profession. We are always seeking better ways of doing things, by reviewing research literature and using our own exemplary creative and analytical skills.  All speech-language pathologists at Lear are required to demonstrate the attainment of truly meaningful outcomes with their clients. Formal continuing education is mandatory and each therapist is required to share their new knowledge with the other clinicians so that everyone benefits from new learning every month. Clinical meetings are held one-to-two times monthly to challenge the therapists to think in new creative and/or analytical ways. Therapists at Lear have extra training in Videostrobscopy, PROMPT, Lidcombe, Fluency Plus, Lee Silverman (LSVT), Hanen, Cognitive-Communication Disorders Levels 1&2 (OSLA), and many more. Lear Communication therapists are members of CASLPO, ASHA, OSLA, Ontario Rehab Alliance (ORA), OBIA/ BIAN including all special interests groups through OSLA. At the end of the day, we build innovation and excellence into everything we do.

We help alleviate some of our clients’ frustration by looking out for their interests and doing little things that make a big difference. We treat people with compassion and make sure we understand and respect individual differences. Our clinic atmosphere is positive and friendly and we always keep our sense of humour! We want our clients to feel comfortable and welcome at all times.

We recognize the enormous changes a communication disorder causes for individuals, their friends and family. We will do everything possible to empower our clients to experience personal success.

We aspire to set the standard for ethical practice in health care and business management.  We meet or exceed practice standards, accurately and professionally. We stand behind our work, and if we make a mistake, we apologize for it, we fix it and we learn from it. We ensure our performance is visible to clients, insurers, referral sources, and the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. If anyone has a question or a concern, we will address it.  You can trust us to do the right thing